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A phygital experience to inspire creativity

We live in a world filled with screens, especially for young people. Rather than try and eliminate tablets and smartphones, to us, it made more sense to harness the potential and interactive aspects of digital technology. Our ambition and challenge lay in helping youngsters stay connected to the real world as they embark in virtual adventures embedded in educational activities. We were able to overcome this challenge through our passion, our overflowing imaginations, but most of all through our belief that a child who plays and awakens through the creative process, grows up to become healthier and happier!

As they read and listen to our interactive stories, children aged 4 to 9 will have the opportunity to think and build solutions that will advance the story. Whereas other games are limited to virtual creations, Dipongo offers an edutainment adventure that begins on the tablet but will only continue if the child imagines and creates a very real solution to the problems they encounter! Dipongo is the first educational application for children that combines stories and creative games with an immersive experience that is both digital and physical.

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Educational Application

Interactive stories for travel

It's not always easy to keep young children busy when you’re travelling or passing through spaces designed for adults! With long lineups, crowds, and distractions,  parents must often resort to smartphones and tablets to occupy their children in the most serene way possible.

To counteract excess screen time, we wanted to offer an educational solution for parents who wish to entertain their children during trips or more grown-up activities. Our app is also excellent for hotel and restaurant owners, teachers or tourism professionals. You can install our interactive stories directly on your media systems. An exclusive code also lets your customers install the app on their devices so children can go on adventures from wherever they are!

Beyond our educational app, you can also access our enchanted world through several other edutainment tools, including a collection of educational books that children can explore independently or with their families. Available in digital or physical format, our playful tales will take each child on a journey into a magical universe. There, they’ll face challenges through educational activities which will push them to create solutions and give them a unique experience they will remember for years to come.

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