Are you a teacher?

Do you run a school?

How about if Dipongo stories joined your class?

Consider bringing Dipongo stories into your classroom.
We offer interactive stories for preschool and pre-primary level children through our phygital* app and educational handbook that comes with our creative box.

Focussing on essential educational concepts**, our challenges teach children how to find practical solutions (alone or in groups) and share them with the rest of the class.

Take your students on a journey through our magical universe!

*Combining physical and digital

**examples: sustainable development, hygiene, respect for others

No Obligation


5 €/month/class

Delivery included

Automatic renewal every month

2 months free

School Year

10 months

40 €/class

Delivery included

Payments in one installment

How does a dipongo classroom subscription work?

to enjoy every month through the application
(available on tablets and digital whiteboards)
Delivered quarterly. Includes:
- Educational concepts
- Suggestions for classroom set-up
- Ideas for activities to help teams or individual students complete all our challenges!

“I was sold immediately on the idea since Dipongo takes you on a journey where the children are the main characters. They love all the adventures they get to go on! […] It awakens their imaginations and creativity.”

“We discovered that with Dipongo, we’re able to cover all kinds of skills and subjects: French, literature, reading, writing...  language skills... even negotiation... and presentation skills (which they use) when they need to explain their solutions to others.”

“Intellectually gifted children are very creative, but often believe they have to come up with the same ideas as everyone else. With Dipongo, they can explore ideas that others haven’t yet thought of. The children feel proud of their differences.”

Educational platforms

Are you ready to diversify your teaching with ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE CONTENT?

Our phygital* application offers interactive stories geared towards preschool and pre-primary children.

Focussing on essential educational concepts,** each teacher can use our puzzles to teach their students how to find practical solutions they can share in the classroom.

Enhance your teaching with our fantasy universe!

*physical and digital

**examples: sustainable development, hygiene, respecting others.

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