🕓 How long does a DIPONGO story last?

1 DIPONGO story is 20 minutes of screen time and hours of creation in real life!

🌏 What is a DIPONGO universe?

A universe is a story on a fantastic theme (like the Wonderful Jungle) with 2 creative challenges and 9 possibilities in a row...

And yes, each little adventurer can start a story as many times as he wants to create different solutions and explore all the possibilities! 🎉

😃 What is the benefit of DIPONGO for my child?

Even on a screen, quality content allows you to diversify the sources of stimulation.
We write all our stories with professionals in the field of childhood and creativity. This circle of experts ensures that all our fantastic stories awaken children's creativity while nurturing their imagination and supporting their learning process in order to prepare them for tomorrow's world. 😎And then, the creative notebook is there to give him lots of ideas to manipulate, draw, model, build... and allow him to have fun while creating with what is available around him!

🐧 From what age can my child use DIPONGO?

A child can start our stories from the age of 4 because they can be read or listened to.

However, up to the age of 6, we recommend using it accompanied by an adult who will read the story to him/her and/or can assist him/her in the creation of his/her solution. And yes, we believe that a DIPONGO adventure is all the more beautiful when it is shared! 😍

😆 Is there an age / grade level associated with each story and its challenges?

No! DIPONGO does not aim to teach the fundamentals but to develop reflection, imagination and creativity. Each child's appetite for a universe will therefore depend on his or her sensitivity.

With DIPONGO everything is possible! There is no right or wrong answer to challenges: any solution can be invented by young and old alike. 👩

In addition, the manual activities proposed in the creative notebooks or the teaching manual can be accompanied by an adult or carried out independently depending on the age and possibilities of the child.

And if everything is too simple, why not add new constraints to make the challenges more complex? 😉

📅 Do you need to have done the previous universes to start the next one?

No, all the universes have a different theme and each story is independent of the one from the previous month(s). So you can start subscribing your child or offer one of our subscriptions any time of the year! 🎇

Our creative teams are nevertheless inspired according to the calendar, so certain themes may refer to specific events/seasons. We have plenty of surprises in store for you at the end of the year...! 🎄

⏰ Is there a time limit for making a story?

No, if a story lasts about 20 minutes when it is listened to, each child can take as much time as they wish to read it, discover the surprises hidden in it and create solutions to challenges.

They can also go back or forward as fast as they want, as if they were reading a paper book and turning the pages.

But the difference is that with DIPONGO, he will be able to start each story as many times as he wants, creating different solutions to the challenges to explore all the alternative sequences! 😌

🙈 How will my child's creation fit into the application?

Then it's a bit magical ✨ but since it's you, we're going to reveal (part of) our little secret...

When the child creates a solution to a challenge in real life, all they have to do is take a picture of it with the tablet or the phone (with the help of an adult if necessary). He will then be able to turn it away with his finger so that it fits perfectly into the illustration and then explain aloud what he has done so that Edgar can use it and continue his adventure...!

Lorsque l'enfant crée une solution à un défi dans la vraie vie, il lui suffit de la prendre en photo avec la tablette ou le téléphone (en se faisant aider par un adulte si besoin). Il va ensuite pouvoir la détourer avec le doigt pour qu'elle s'intègre parfaitement à l'illustration puis expliquer à voix haute ce qu'il a fait afin qu'Edgar puisse l'utiliser et continuer son aventure..!

Magic we tell you! 😵

🏫 How to use DIPONGO in the classroom?

You can of course adapt the use of DIPONGO according to your needs or desires but here is an example of what can be done:

  • Reading of the story by the teacher or one / several students
  • Individual or group workshops to create a solution to the first challenge (with or without additional constraints it's up to you... 😌 )
  • Explanation of each solution found by its creator(s)
  • Sélection d'une solution pour continuer l'histoir
  • Take a picture of the solution and describe it aloud by the teacher or a student so that Edgar can understand what was done and the story can continue!

And then we do the same thing for Challenge 2. 😁 

Once the story is over you can start again with different solutions to explore all the possible sequences! 🐺

Each term, you will find in the digital teaching manual the notions that can be approached according to the themes of the universes and ideas for activities and workshops to be carried out for young and old alike. 😆

😇 Will it be possible to renew or purchase a DIPONGO subscription after the campaign?

Of course it will! (And thank you for asking! 😅 )
Our subscriptions will be available for sale on our website (https://www.dipongo.net//) if you want your little adventurer to continue to receive a digital universe and its associated physical creative notebook every month. 😲

Nevertheless, the prices displayed on the KissKissBankBank page are exclusive to the launch, so take advantage of them now!

📅 On what date will the little adventurer to whom I bought / offered a subscription be able to start?

Once the subscription has been pre-ordered, simply download the DIPONGO application from the Apple Store or the Play Store onto a tablet or smartphone.

He will be able to start his adventure right away with the world of "Where it all began" and then continue with the "Wonderful Jungle".The next universe to arrive will be available on the application at the beginning of November and at the same time he will receive his creative notebook directly in his mailbox!

He will then have access to a new adventure at the beginning of each month as long as the subscription continues. 😋

Have you guessed what incredible universe we are preparing for November? 🍂

🎈 Will my child have access to the worlds "for life"?

Yes (at least for as long as he wants)! All the universes unlocked via a subscription will remain available on the application even if the subscription is not subsequently extended.

Example: you have subscribed a little adventurer for 3 months via our campaign, he will therefore have access to the November, December and January universes and these universes will remain accessible even if you decide not to extend the subscription after January (however this will make Edgar very sad). 🐺

🎁 Is it possible to offer a subscription to a child who is not mine?

Of course it is! To do so, simply indicate the name and address of the recipient child instead of your own at the time of payment. 😉

👨 I have several children, is it possible to take one subscription for all of them?

Yes, it is possible to take a single subscription for the whole family because each story can be started over and over again!

However, it will only be possible to create one account on the application and they will only receive one creative notebook each month, so it all depends on whether they are willing to share. 😲

Any questions?