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“Intellectually gifted children are very creative, but often believe they have to come up with the same ideas as everyone else. With Dipongo, they can explore ideas that others haven’t yet thought of. The children feel proud of their differences.”

Are you looking to connect with your young patients in a way that will brighten their days?

With our phygital* application, we offer interactive stories geared towards children aged 4 to 9. Our Creative Box contains everything children will need for their creations.

These enchanting stories will let your young patients escape for a few moments, as they have fun and learn to express and soothe themselves.

Bring a touch of magic into each child’s life with our fantastical worlds.

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Are you a speech therapist?

Are you looking for edutainment tools to help your young patients learn to read and write?

Interspersed with creative challenges, our wonderful stories give your young patients a break from the daily grind. They can have fun as they learn to express themselves orally and in writing.

Bring a touch of magic into each child's life through our whimsical worlds!

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