What is Dipongo Monthly all about?

A fantastical and unique experience with:


available with the application
(on tablets and smartphones)
to accompany each story, delivered to your mailbox every month. You’ll also receive
- Materials for creation
- Patterns for beautiful creations
- Magical colouring effects
- Games to go with the digital story
- Funny tutorials and many new surprises!

Choosing my package

When you give the gift of Dipongo, you offer a young explorer the opportunity to enjoy a fantastical trip every month. You are also treating their parents to a special creative moment they can share with their child!

Without Obligations



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Automatic monthly renewal

1 free month

Advanced Explorer

6 months


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Payment in one instalment

2 free months

Expert Explorer

12 months


Delivery included

Payment in one instalment

How does it work?

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